VOLVO Specialist Montreal South Shore

VOLVO specialist on the South Shore of Montreal

Specialist VOLVO with unmatched expertise in all aspects of repair and maintenance of VOLVO vehicles. As VOLVO specialists, we offer a wide range of automotive services for your VOLVO brand vehicle; Mechanical repair for VOLVO, maintenance for VOLVO, maintenance for VOLVO, tires and parts for VOLVO.

VOLVO-Benz is the brand of choice for car owners around the world. Equipped with the best equipment in terms of technology and electronics, so well maintained by a VOLVO specialist, these cars can offer decades of reliable service. Our VOLVO specialists are used to maintaining and repairing all car models in the VOLVO range, so whether it is your husband or wife's VOLVO S90, or your VOLVO S60 CROSS COUNTRY, we will make sure it works properly. .

$ 69 / h And more for CLUB Members MEC, Non Members $ 115 / h


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Our automotive services for VOLVO guarantee you a Working incomparable quality as well as a maximum security while driving your luxury car.

Our Maintenance service for VOLVO includes: a warranty on parts and labor and the use of VOLVO original parts (OEM) only.


At Mécanique Expert, you will leave your vehicle in the hands of an outstanding Volvo specialist!

"Excellent place with courteous, professional and competent people. Customer satisfaction is their priority! Very highly recommended! " - VI


Use of genuine VOLVO parts

At Mécanique expert, we believe in the importance of using OEM products (original VOLVO). By using only genuine parts on your VOLVO, we systematically increase the chances that your VOLVO will stay in perfect condition for as long as possible.


Engine oil change for VOLVO

During your service of engine oil change your VOLVOOur specialists use only original motor oils(OEM) for VOLVO and the same for engine oil filters for VOLVO.

Braking system

During your visit for the repair and maintenance of the braking system of your VOLVOOur specialists are hooked to replace: brake pads for VOLVO as well as brake discs for VOLVO.

Tire Change

As Specialist VOLVO our mechanics are able to guide you as to the choices available to you in terms of tires. The selection of tires for your VOLVO vehicle, will have a major impact on the quality driving your Volvo.


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