SPRINTER Specialist on the South Shore of Montreal

Specialist Sprinter, possessing prestigious expertise in all aspects of Sprinter repair and Sprinter maintenance. As a Sprinter specialist, we offer a wide range of services; Mechanical repair, Sprinter maintenance, Sprinter maintenance, tires and parts, etc.

$ 69 / hAnd more for Members CLUB MEC, Non Membres $ 115 / h


SPRINTER Specialist Montreal South Shore

Ourmaintenance departmentand mechanical Sprinter includes: awarranty on parts and laborand the use oforiginal parts (OEM) only.

Expert in Mechanics, let your Sprinter in the hands of specialists off-peer!

"Excellent place with friendly people, professional and competent. Customer satisfaction is their priority! Very highly recommended! "- VI

Sprinter Specialist - Repair and Maintenance

SPRINTER Specialist Montreal South Shore

Using original parts

Expert in mechanics, we believe in the importance of the use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Using only original parts on your Sprinter, we systematically increasing the chances that your Sprinter remains impeccable as long as possible.

Engine Oil Change

At your serviceengine oil changeOur specialists use only original motor oils(OEM)and even for engine oil filters.

Change of tires

ourspecialists enSprinter repair and mechanics Sprinterare able to guide you on the choices available to you fortires.

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