STORAGE OF TIRES, South Shore of Montreal

Expert Mechanics offers tire storage service CLUB members MEC for competitive price. You will never have to handle a dirty tire or lose valuable space in your home or garage!

Tires are an essential and expensive part of your vehicle and although they wear evenly, the tires will last longer if they are well maintained.

To maximize the life of your tires you have to see that they are:

-Entreposés in a dry, cool and clean;

-Entreposés therein;

-Do not come into contact with materials that could damage the (gasoline, oil, paint, grease, etc.);

-Entreposés away from light and moisture

You have to take your head, the expert mechanics tire storage service is available. Our tire materials specialists take the opportunity to check the condition of your tires.

Inspect the condition of your front tires tire storage

Our subject matter experts, will look for cracks and analyze the deterioration of the aging rubber. They will verify the depth of the tire with a wear indicator. They will check the tire pressure and adjust them to the recommended PSI. Eventually they will check the valve stems to make sure they are not seized.

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