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Join the CLUB MEC de MMainstream Expert.Com  « For an exceptional customer experience ”

Once MEMBER CLUB MECYou will get access to all a world of privileges. Enjoy the relaxation offered by our Fleur de Lys Trade ShowsAnd all the benefits of luxury deserved.

Enjoy reading, listen to your favorite show, or relax in our armchair-equipped room massage professionals Panasonic. Book the conference room Los Doce Linajes For your meetings or just for yourself. our Fleur de Lys Trade Shows, equipped with all technologies and amenities, from the access Internet wireless up to computers secure, allow you to relax in a quiet and private place, in a peaceful and pleasantly appointed environment. Enjoy exclusive access to our Fleur de Lys Trade Shows on the occasion of your next service on your vehicle.

The following is a list of benefits MEMBERS CLUB MEC;

  • Televisions HD with programming HD - Great selection of journaux and magazines.
  • Login Internet high speed and wireless Videotron free - workstations with computer
  • Conference room 6 seats, equipped with projector multimedia (reservations, fees may apply).
  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, candy and snacks (On-premise consumption, in moderation).
  • Business Offices (IRVING) Semi-private with conveniences.
  • Movie Theater (Le Patriote) Equipped with the latest image, sound and comfort technologies.
  • Relaxation room (Shiatsu) With professional massage chairs Panasonic

MEMBERSHIP CARD CLUB MEC:  60 $ / 1 year and 10$ 0/2 years *

  • Hourly rate mechanical guaranteed, 1 or 2 years (See the list of hourly workshop rates, three categories; CLASSIC, DELUXE, EXOTIC vehicles).
  • Guarantee parts and labor extended ** to 24 months or 24,000Km, (The law requires 3 months / 5000Km).
  • Storage tires to $ 50 /season, per set of 4 tires.
  • Vehicle courtesy: 30 $ / day.
  • Login au Fleur de Lys Salon for free.
  • Booking of the Conference room and Business Offices free of charge.

More Information

* All vehicles must be registered in the name of the member or company he or she represses. Exceptions may be granted on the section membership contract Exceptions.

** The guarantees take effect from the delivery of the vehicle. According to 1er term reached.

NB; subject to the general conditions for membership in the MEC CLUB and admission to the Fleur de Lys Salon. MMainstream Expert.Com reserves the right to modify the general conditions and prices at any time, with written notice.


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