We respect the manufacturer's standards!


"Dealers can restrict the choice of where you can perform regular maintenance of your vehicle. You have the right to choose! To maintain the integrity of your warranty (on request) we will follow and document the maintenance program contained in your vehicle owner's manual or your extended warranty contract. "


When other garages do not find the problem, we will find it:

Our chief mechanic Steve Letourneau, with more than 10 years of experience, is the former first mechanic of the 1600 # 94 2010 season racing team, sponsored by NRJ (94.3fm) and RDS, driven by Didier Schreanen. It regulates both the most complex mechanical and electrical problems and constantly solves problems that several garages do not have the skills to diagnose and regulate.

Team of run-1

Our Specialties:


computer diagnostic analysis

We will analyze the code with a latest computer model and establish a list of repairs that are needed.

Electrical problems:

Mechanical expert has the expertise and equipment needed to diagnose electrical or electronic troubles. We stock the equipment and have access to a huge new and used parts network to fix the problem no matter how serious.

complete engine and transmission replacement:

The work is done in complete unlike several garages that do only part of the work and send you elsewhere to finish the installation and adjustments. All engines and transmissions bought and replaced at Mécanique Expert areguaranteed1 year parts and laborthe date of taking possession of your vehicle.

Luxury cars:

If you have a German or high performance car, rest assured that we have the equipment, documentation and all the knowledge to take care of your vehicle. We have multiple accounts open with the largest auto parts suppliers in North America, so no matter what part you need for your car, we will find it and replace it with the manufacturer's standards.

Oil change from$ 44.95:

Comes with a safety inspection, checking the tire pressure, check the air filter, wiper verification and verification of various liquids in your car.


Repair of air conditioning:

Not just filling or replacement of the gas, but the repair.



Sales and tire changes:

Large selection of brands at unbeatable prices from $ 60 tire. Installation and balancing included.





Braking system:






Mechanical Inspection:






Audit and battery change:








We also:


  • Oil change of transmission
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Fuel tank
  • Direction
  • Lights on in the dashboard
  • Attach of trailer
  • Lumières

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